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MP Practice Rooms

The 400 Building Practice Room

To reserve space, check at the security desk of the 400 building.

No orientation required at this time. Open to all residents.

The 484 Building Practice Rooms

Managed by an independent resident committee, these rooms

are available to residents who have completed orientation.

More information below.

The Practice Rooms in the 484 building

One of the unique amenities in Manhattan Plaza is our practice rooms.  In the space of the old Westrax Studios in the C level of the 484 building, we have 2 practice studios available for tenant use. 


Room A (large room) amenities: Sprung dance floor; Piano; PA system with microphones; Drum kit (no cymbals); Bass guitar amplifier; Electric guitar amplifier; Chairs; Music stands; Acoustic wall treatment

Room B (small room) amenities: Piano; Drum kit (no cymbals); Bass guitar amplifier; Electric guitar amplifier; Chairs; Music stands; Acoustic wall treatment


Any resident who wishes to use the rooms must attend an orientation.  

To schedule an orientation, email



The MPPR Committee manages a small amount of funds to pay for ongoing supplies and upkeep on things that are not supplied by the building.  This includes drum heads and hardware, equipment maintenance, repairs and an occasional larger purchase.  Your donations are appreciated.  You can donate to the committee via the donation box in the lobby of the 484 practice rooms, level C of the 484 building. If you have equipment to donate, please engage us via email to see if there is a need.  DO NOT leave equipment in the rooms without first confirming with the committee. Thanks.


MP building management has delegated the management of these rooms to a tenant group, called the Manhattan Plaza Practice Room Committee or MPPR Committee for short.   The Committee creates the guidelines for using the rooms.  A group of Committee volunteers monitor usage of the rooms to ensure these guidelines are followed.  If you wish to volunteer, or you need to reach the MPPR Committee for any reason, please email  You will typically receive a response within 48 hours or less.

The committee members are volunteers.  The best way to reach the committee is via the email address above.


Current Committee Members:

Andrea Andresakis, Bill Nelson, Colin Taber, Jasper McGruder (chairperson), Jeanne Lehman French, Michael Ritz, Nancy Slusser, Oscar Feldman

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